Vorbereitungen für Schweden

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Jul 022021
Gut zerlegt ist halb gepackt ...
Packing my bike

Preparations for my tour in Sweden.

I had my double vaccination against Covid19, my bags are packed, my flight with Eurowings to Stockholm is booked, so right now all I'm waiting for is good weather. Hopefully not as warm as BC these days. ...


Bikepacking Made Easy: An Illustrated How-To

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Aug 212016
Want to know how to bike-pack? Check out these awesome illustrations.
Quelle: Bikepacking Made Easy: An Illustrated How-To This site really has funny and informative news for bikepackers! 🙂 These (funny!) images are further elaborated by Adam Ruggiero on his site. Well, so far my personal choice is "fully loaded", but who knows the future? 5 years later my style of packing hasn't changed much - I have, however, definitely reduced weight and volume ... 🙂 Roll_With_It_Bikepacking_pic-700x404 Roll_With_It_Credit_Card-pic-700x422 Roll_With_It_Fully-Loaded_pic-700x387 Roll_With_It_Mix-n-Match_pic-700x414