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The most important thing for survival: the bike and the equipment

Each cyclist will certainly find after every trip that the packing list can be optimized: You missed one or two things  and others you never used and turned out to be a burden in both senses of the word. But a decision must always be taken: what to take along onsucha long trip! Conditions must be defined and you need a to-do list. Let's look at the bike first. I decided on a steel wheel with a Rohloff hub with 28-inch wheels - a controversial decision under touring cyclists. The 26" version is perhaps more common, but the larger wheels give me a smoother ride. My route will take me mostly on paved roads - except for the last part of Canada, when the Icefields Parkway in Banff road ends and a trail will lead to the border with the United States in Montana. Basically, I see no need for the off-road version with 26 "wheels. Most nights I'll be in a tent, so I need camping equipment including kitchen utensils and space for supplies - so definitely 5 panniers plus tent bag. The climate poses issues: Beginning in July on the Pacific coast the weather will be warm, but pretty soon we'll be up in the Rocky Mountains with cool nights. Then on through the dry plains of Montana and North Dakota and then from Cleveland, Ohio we'll be travelling southeast in the direction of Virginia and in September the weather will hopefully be warm and dry. The clothing list will have deal with those factors.
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  1. The street after Banff to Montana has nearly the same condition as from Jasper to Glacier Park/Montana but is somwhat not as crowded but all asphalt and has no highway character.
    You have not as much to deal with steep angle to climb but you are still in the Rockies but the „Kananaskys“ have a wonderful panorama and do not miss the wonderful campground next to the Olympia mountain.

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