Day 78 – Fredericksburg, VA to Richmond, VA

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Okt 062015
Day 78 - Fredericksburg, VA to Richmond, VA, 05.10.2015 These 108 km to Richmond today were much quieter than leaving DC / Fairfax yesterday. Backroads and quiet rural areas dominated until the highway into the city threatened but then I found (that is "komoot", my favourite German cycle navigation website, did 🙂 a trail going off the main road but relatively straight into Richmond since it followed a railroad track. On the road I met Ray Swartz and we both spontaneously stopped to talk. He's from California, doing a ten to twelve day trip from Richmond and along the C&O canal to Harper's Ferry. He is retired and obviously very busy doing cycling trips and writing tips about them on his website ( Richmond is the capital of Virginia and has a very long and interesting history. I decided after arrival not to look at the huge museum on the Civil War but instead headed for the small but - I was promised - rewarding "museum" on Edgar Alan Poe in 1914 East Main Street. But unfortunately it was closed, it was Monday afternoon .... By now it was too late to return to the Civil War museum on the other side of the city so I decided to do some sightseeing on the riverside of the James River. A new and culturally inspired path along the canal has been created. This canal enabled boatsmen to circumnavigate the waterfalls on the James River with the help of several locks within the city limits. More later ... Some pictures to give you an impression:

Vikki White - a wonderful host. Bruce has left for work but they are already planning their next tours.


Elected office: For a long time I only saw "Lippa" and was pleased to find he does have competition!


The Quakers have always been a conscientious group.


A football fan who can't decide on a team?


I met Ray Swartz from California. He is on a ten - twelve day trip from Richmond to Harper's Ferry. We exchanged tips and discussed touring setups for a while before each went on with his tour.


Richmond - General Robert E. Lee

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University of Richmond

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Onthe right you can see thehuge poster announcing the UCI World Cycling Championships 2015 which I just missed here in Richmond.

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This house is the site of the Edgar A. Poe museum - which unfortunately was closed when I reached it.

20151005-DSCN7139 20151005-DSCN7143 20151005-DSCN7147 20151005-DSCN7160    
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Excursion Washington DC – Fairfax, VA

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Okt 022015
Excursion Washington DC - Fairfax, VA Sep 30,2015 On this planned day of rest in Fairfax I did the usual thing a long-distance cyclist needs to take care of when he has the opportunity. Here is a tentative list, incomplete surely but it will give you an idea ...:
  • air and dry wet tent
  • enjoy luxury of shower and warmth
  • wash clothes - all of them without going naked 🙂
  • eat, eat, eat good homecooked food
  • work on my blog (well, I let that slip a bit because I was with friends and we had so much to talk about ...)
  • go through gear for the umpteenth time ... this time I can experiment a bit because I know I am going to come back to DC and fly home from here, so I will try a different and  leaner gear setup for some days.
  • study maps and weather forecasts ... more on that later!
Fairfax has an REI outdoor store which I looked up - an outdoor person's candyshop!! I bought a replacement spoon for the one I lost and a new merino wool first layer shirt which feels so good plus a waterproof phone holder. Why didn't I have one already? Well, I usually plot my gpx-files on komoot using the laptop and then transfer them to my waterproof Garmin etrex 30 . But I have come across the situation in which I spontaneously need to do some re-routing and in my experience the OSM-maps I have been using on the Garmin tend to lead me astray whereas komoot is more reliable in keeping me on cycle roads or trails. And then again I realized it was raining. Si I looked at the weather forecast and saw a huge hurricane system moving north towards the coast from the Bahamas to the US ....

An Outdoor store wth a huge variety of "toys"


Fairfax has several malls which offer all kinds of goods but - as in many places - strangely does not include grocery shopping. You need to drive a car to the next "real" supermarket!


A popular restaurant - some people are really excited about the good quality of the food served here. I will check it out!


Inside the mall ...

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