Dinosaurs on the Prairie …

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In rural areas of the USA it is not uncommon to come across roadside art. Sometimes, however, things stay in your mind. Near Napoleon, ND, this parade of old threshing machines invites you to walk up and touch them. A little bit of history with a touch of humor ... ''
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Mount Robson

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How small we are - this mountain is truly breathtaking! ''
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Reargard Falls

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The Rearguard Falls viewpoint provides an excellent opportunity for travelers to witness the end of a long journey by the Chinook, largest of the Pacific salmon. These fish have survived several years at sea to return to the river of their birth, the mighty Fraser. From its estuary in British Columbia’s lower mainland to this point, the Chinook have traveled upstream over 1200 km. Some may be successful battling over these falls to reach the gravel above, but for most, Rearguard Falls marks the end of their journey. (http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/rearguard/) Reargard Falls: Für Lachse das Ende ihrer Reise, für mich der Eintritt in die Rocky Mountains ... Der Rearguard Falls Provincial Park ist ein 49 Hektar großer Provincial Park im Westen der kanadischen Provinz British Columbia. Der Park liegt etwa 5 Kilometer östlich von Tête Jaune Cache am nördlichen Teilabschnitt des Trans-Canada Highway ''
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