Day 31 – Glendive, MT to Beach, ND

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Aug 062015
Day 31 - Glendive, MT to Beach, ND Aug 6, 2015
Glendive, MT Beach, ND 83 51,574 2662,8 1654,59 17 17,57 470 19240
I decided to leave Glendive; I had seen the whole town, I even met Tanner who offered to let me put up my tent on a patch of grass beneath his company sign next to the highway, but it started to rain and I went down to the RV campground. It was already dark and I was really wet but still this elderly lady made me put on my wet clothes again and register in her office. I hadn't seen anyone there earlier. The next morning I saw what this place was like: A huge uneven field with lots of giant RVs on it and it cost me 15$. I left and decided on a leisurely tour into ND. Here I was welcomed in more than one way: The wind stopped, the lady at the tourist information center was nice and helpful and the campground in the city park was next to a swimming pool! So, 3$ for a swim, a shower and a chance to wash some clothes isn't too bad ... Along the road I saw wonderful geological formations called the "Montana Badlands" in derivation of an Indian name for this great-looking but almost impassable area. So I'm now in North Dakota!  

Graffitti - Montana style 🙂


Makoshika State Park near Glendive - "Badlands"

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This is just the place for a layover day ...

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Aug 052015
Day 28 - Glasgow to Wolf Point (02.08.2015)
90 55,923 2412,3 1498,93 18,92 18,04 260 17813 22 - 38
People I met This story is for Alan Gugino, whom I met in Malta one afternoon. Remenber, we talked about the dogs on the Indian reservations and you recalled that they seemed to attack in groups and were quite vicious. Well, I was riding through the reservation on my way to Wolf Point, you know that long stretch of 25 miles with no bend. I was dog-aware all the time, the few small farms with their derelict cars could all have had several of them but not one dog jumped out barking like mad and trying to attack me. Even the stretch along dried-out Frazer Lake was quiet. So very gradually my awareness dropped off and I turned to other matters in my mind. Suddenly there he was: a big wheat-colored beast had silently run up behind me, not barking once. I had a fright and accelerated but the dog kept coming closer. I stopped my bike and, true to the theory I had told you, Alan, I made a little offering to the dog while talking to him in a friendly but stern voice (in German!). My problem was that I had NOT bought any dog biscuits as I had planned for that particular stretch. So I took my mixed nuts and presented them to the dog. He licked up one and left the rest, turned off and walked away, not bothering me again. Wow, I guess the dog thought: "Doesn't speak English, has nothing I like - who is this guy? Not interested." ...  
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Day 29 Wolf Point to Circle, MT

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Aug 052015
Day 29 Wolf Point to Circle, MT (03.08.2015)
90,5 56,234 2502,8 1555,17 12 17,82 694 18507
It was 90km from Wolf Point to Circle, MT and I crossed the Missouri river for the first time. So now I had left behind the meandering "Milk River" which had just as faithfully accompanied my progress along US 2 as the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad with its enormous trains full of coal, oil or wheat. Going south at Wolf Point instead of continuing on Hw 2 all the way to the Great Lakes is due to a change of route the ACA implemented because of the enormous amount of truck traffic on that route originating in the Brakken oil fields in the northern part of North Dakota. The emptiness of northern Mointana now became even more visible. Nothing in terms of villages or towns. Fenced-in pastures for miles with hardly any cattle on them, wheat fields and suddenly a white building on my left which turns out to have been an active little school from 1928 to 1964. But where were the children to come from? No other building visible in miles and miles! A light to moderate head wind was slowing me down but I was in good spirits. However, a nagging problem came into my conscious mind ever more urgently:  My behind hurt! I couldn't ignore it. There is too much pressure on my right pelvis bone and I just can't find a premanently comfortable position. I'll have to experiment a bit (again!) with height and saddle position.... People I met, 1 I finally reached Circle, MT, and came around the bend to the RV park when an old car passed me. "Hey, guess you on the way to my place. It's over there! Back  soon." That's how I met Jim, my companion-to-be for the afternoon and the evening. Jim owns this RV park of 4 acres (16000 sq meter) which he also lives on. The laundromat he installed was part of his plan to "reduplicate" himself. "What does that mean?", I asked him and he explained that it was the opposite of what most people were doing: "I want the place to work for me, so I don't have to work for the place. The RVs bring me money once they're hooked up and the laudromat makes me money. All I have to do is the maintenance once in a while." I found out later in an "honest moment" that Jim paid 250000$ for the place including land, installations and the laundromat which doubles as his office and living room. He sleeps in an old trailer with a very loud AC.  When we talked about the income tax structure in Montana and public health and compared that to Germany and other European countries he outrighth called those systems of solidarity "communist" and a robbery of every hard-working entrepreneur. And that after he had told me the story of his broken leg a few years back: The local practitioner had mistreated his fractured leg and he had to go to Glendive (or was it Billings?) to see a specialist who said the fractured bone would have to be broken again to set it right. And Jim told the doctor that he didn't have insurence. What did that doctor say? "I don't care about the money, lets get you treated and let's do it now!"  Jim ignored my question what would have happened if the doctor had insisted on being paid.... So much for logic ... Jim is divorced, has two sons whom he goes hunting with and who still like his companionship even if the ex-wife has custody of the boys, and is trying to "put me to jail", as Jim puts it. Jim is very much interested in "history", as he puts it, and retells stories of fighter pilots, Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. "I'm not sorry we dropped the two A-bombs on the Japs - after how they treated our boys when they managed to take them prisoners", was one of his more moderate statements. Jim believes that all Germans were "only" brainwashed by Hitler and his regime supporters and that after the war most Germans actively turned against all Nazis and even killed some ... and yes, he thinks he knows what the Holocaust was ... This "Nigger's administration" has done nothing at all for the country. Obama-Care? Bullshit. Every doctor in Montana will tell you that that is killing the health industry! Wow! Health services as an "industry"? People I met, 2 I also that day met some other, quite different people. Dick and Amy Hofacker were admiring my bike and we got into a nice conversation about cycle touring. They invited me into their house because of WiFi - which didn't work for me but that definietely had its advantages: we talked. Amy is a school teacher in the area, visiting her parents' house here in Circle. I also met Tim Warner, Amy's brother in law, who actively manages their father's farm (I hope I got that right - if not write me, please!) and these people very openly presented their view of things. When I asked in a general sense if farming, and especially buying a farm in the area (instead of inheriting in) was financially sound they explained Amy's father's policy of cautious negotiating and thorough research before investing and taking risks and that, yes, if even a former owner of an auto repair shop decides to turn farmer this can worl out well. I learned a lot about their family history which was well researched and very much present to everyone in the room (to everyone except me, of course!) and I don't want to write details lest I have them wrong - so please Dick or Amy: Fill me in with an email, if you like, I would appreciate it. Very nice people indeed.  
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Day 30 – Circle, MT to Glendive, MT

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Aug 052015
Day 30 - Circle, MT to Glendive, MT (04.08.2015) 77 (2579,8) 263 (18770) When I left Jim's RV Park this morning he got into his car and caught up with me just to say goodbye. He said, "I aughtta give you back your ten bucks for the nice chat we had" ... "That's ok" .... Getting onto the highway in a south-easterly direction I knew what was waiting for me: A long ride against a strong headwind. I knew it was a 30 km uphill and after the pass basically downhill so I was expecting a slow first half anyhow. But did I know what was coming! The wind increased by the minute. Do you how it is to stick your head out of a car going 50? You have difficulty breathing. Additionally, I had the feeling of a big, loud hand pressing against my chest. I crept at no more than 8-10 km/h for hours!  75 km against that wind? At least there would be that drop after the pass. But no, the wind didn't let me go more than 20 with pushing and I couldn't push hard today. At one point I was so frustrated and tired I got off my bike, sat on the  ground with my back to the wind and just waited for my well-being to catch up with me. I seemed to have left it behind in Circle when I left there ... So it took me 6 hours to do the 77km. And I'm staying here for a layover. I haven't had one since July 11 in Pine Grove. Where has all my energy gone? Slowly but surely I've had less energy every day. My behind is hurting, I cycle out of the saddle a lot which adds to fatigue and I feel I really need a rest! The weather is about to chnge. I was told by Larry in Essex (wow, that now seems like years ago) that if the wind in Northern Montana comes from the east this means "bad" weather" - and so it is. Right now while I'm writing I see black clouds moving in from the east.
This pass was only 5 km away but with the strong headwind it took me almost 30 min. to reach the top :(

This pass was only 5 km away but with the strong headwind it took me almost 30 min. to reach the top 🙁

On top of this little mountain range I had a wonderful view

On top of this little mountain range I had a wonderful view

... finally I reached Glendive where I am putting in a day of rest

... finally I reached Glendive where I am putting in a day of rest

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