Mai 242016
On today's ride from Marktl, the birthplace of Pope Benedikt, to the campground on the Lake of Soyen I took my time because I would be waiting there to meet up with my wife - looking forward to it. It was the second wonderful day in terms of weather on my trip so far.

Man crossing the river Inn with his dog


River Power Station Jettenbach-Töging. The construction allowed enough water in the river itself, thereby creating less problems for the eco system. In 1924 it was one of the largest power plants of its kind in Europe.


Mühldorf, a pretty town, offered me a brunch banquet for 10€ - including freshly pressed orange juice and a takeaway salad!


I met Franz - he caught up with me on a recliner (with a front wheel motor for climbing) We talked about cycling and his job as a media advisor for teachers at secondary schools. Job description? he laughed, "talk to the teenagers about their media use on my commute and pass on that information to the teachers!"


Susanne, take your pick!


View from campground at Soyen - 1

RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_3_von_14.jpg RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_5_von_14.jpg RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_6_von_14.jpg RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_8_von_14.jpg RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_9_von_14.jpg RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_13_von_14.jpg RUD__Inntal2_nach_Soyen_14_von_14.jpg I'll be staying here for a couple of days, looking around Wasserburg and Munich - next posts might take a while. By the way, shortly fter these idyllic photos were taken, it started to rain and didn't stop for two and a half days .... But life is still great!    
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