Mai 192016

Von Orlik nad Vltavou nach Vimperk (deutsch Winterberg) in Tchechien

Extremely challenging today.  80 kms uphill (more or less) and my legs asked me if I was mad 🙂

But it all started off very nicely. The campground was close to Castle Orlik - beautiful from the outside with a wonderful garden but closed at 7 am - I wasn't surprised. ( Wikipedia <a href="https://en.wikipedia meilleur site">English and German )

In Strakonice I stopped for an ice cream and didn't have enough energy to find the castle; it's on the "wrong" side of town.

The dry weather was very comforting since I had suffered enough rain these days. So I decided to go for it and stayed at it until I found my campground next to the first purpose-built In-Line Skating Course I have ever seen. The campground is situated at a pond which was built after the town / village had almost completely burnt down in the early 20th century. In order to save some money - which actually is a bit strange being in a country where everything is at half-price compared to home - I had to flee from the rain again and ended up in the campground restaurant with a bunch of youngish Czech people who were celebrating something. One guy asked me to take some pictures and we got into talking. The guy was called Martin and so was the other one. And they had three ladies with them, all of them colleagues from a German company producing industrial hoses in Czechia. And all of them had studied some German at school so they were at a clear advantage. I still only know 3 words .... one of them being "ahoi" for "hello" - I can remember that well because it is the greeting of canoeists.

Well, it was fun to watch this group slowly get drunk - I was invited but after two  beers I  remembered I'd have to get up early ....

Well, Davina, one of the girls, was so impressed by what I'm doing that she called her husband to come and talk to me. He is the mayor of a little town nearby and has two horses called Montana and Dakota. So she thought he might want to hear more about my last tour.  At their wish I had shown them  a scene from my films on that trip showing a rodeo I witnessed in Montana ...  By the time her husband came to the restaurant Davina was quite drunk and her husband very softly and lovingly coaxed her into going home. The rain had stopped and I had a relatively dry night.

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