Mai 172016
RUD - May 17,2016

No Valley Too Low, No Mountain Too High ... and a mysterious shower

I left the friendly campground Zizkov in Prague around 8 am, after wishing good luck to Claudia, the adventurous lady whose next goal is Vienna on her way to Turkey and Iran.

We had an interesting dispute about the necessity of digital navigation on a long tour and she believes that she feels much more at ease, relaxed and independent if she relies on a paper map and her own sense of direction only. To her that goes for a car as well. Personally, I have been using a gps navigation device on my bike for several years and although I seldom rely on the machine's ability to route - this feature is sensible only in navigating a city- I wouldn't want to miss it on a long-distance tour. Plot the track on the PC with Komoot or some other helpful program, transfer it to the machine and follow the line. It's quite simple. But what if you come to a blocked road or, as in the case at hand, a deviation that takes you away from the river and up a hill only to lead you back down the hill again? Well - the road block would have to be dealt with in any case; and the hill would also have to be climbed, whether calculated by the routing abilities of the gps or with the help of a map 🙂 Of course, Claudia has got a point in stating that she has one device less than can break and needs charging.

Valley and Hills

Well, my plotted course took me along the Moldau and later the river Beraun. At a town called Halouny I went up into the wooded mountains and this was quite an experience! Long climbs and steep descents with 1150 metres up had their price. So when I had finally decided on a campground another 25 kms away (Velky Vir) I just went on the double lane highway and sped down the road as fast as I could. When I reached my designated campground I was cold and tired and since I had changed my wet shirts twice during the day I was down to my last set of dry clothes after my shower.

The shower had its twists and turns, too. I was cold and wanted a treat of 2 times 8 minutes of hot water (what luxury!) So I started the timer with 20 Czech crowns, with the second coin on standby. And when the time came and the first 8 minutes were over I reached out behind the curtain to put in the second coin and pressed the button to start. And guess what: The water in the adjoining cabin was turned on. So I hurriedly grabbed my utensils and jumped out from behind the warm cabin curtain out into the cold and into the other cabin.

Now the nice 16 minutes in a warm shower weren't so nice anymore ....

But after a short time on the terrace the campground restaurant was opened and I could finally have a nice hot cup of tea (the largest tea mug I've ever seen!) and a chicken schnitzel to make my day.

So here I am enjoying the ice hockey match between Finland and Canada  in Moscow during the world championships 2016. My bartender is of course very  happy with the Czech team which has secured first place in their group.

This graph shows 849 metres up - the machine strangely told me 1146 earlier. I remember this discrepency from the US tour but I have no explanation....     RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_1_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_2_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_3_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_4_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_5_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_6_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_7_von_8.jpg RUD_Tag_12_Prag_Camp_1_von_1.jpg
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