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Görlitz to Bad Schandau 8 - Sächsische Schweiz (Saxonia's Alps) 12.05.2016 Culture Shock Leaving the official bike path of the Oder-Neisse at Görlitz in order to cross over into the Czech Republic and then back into Saxonia meant going into the city traffic and later through the most pristine rural areas imaginable. This particular part of Saxonia is quite beautiful and the wonderful weather increased my joy. Crossing into the Czech country, however, left me with a sense of time warping back 25 years: Suddenly houses, farms and whole villages seemed drab, run down and in a bad state of repair. I didn't even feel like taking pictures - photographing (relative) "poverty" seemed inappropriate to me, somewhat like an invasion of peoples' privacy. I'm not sure how I would cope in that sense with travelling through truly poor countries. So I was somewhat relieved when I crossed back into Germany after 50kms and got into the town of Sebnitz. The market place has a restaurant which sells their own brand of "smuggler's beer". The idea is to play with the historical notion of smuggling goods across the border - actually they sell beer from a microbrewery just on the other side of the border. I'm sure it would have been delicious, since Czech beer is famous (just consider "Budweise" and "Pils", both Czech names), but I decided to head on towards the campground "Ostrauer Mühle" deep down in the valley "Kirnitzschtal". No Communication (for a while) This campground is situated in the very heat of the National Park "Sächsische Schweiz" - meaning that the surrounding hills and wooded cliffs prevent modern appliences like telephones from working :). Undisturbed idyllic camping! The weather changed and the coming days threatened to be wet - so get ready! After pitching my tent (which was still wet from last night's dew) I met Claudia, an adventurous cyclist who had just left Berlin a few days earlier. This energetic lady has set out to travel the world on her bike. We got into talking about cycle touring and exchanged experiences. It turned out that she has travelled to China, Arab countries and great parts of Asia already, partly backpacking but also professionally as a freelance project manager in media design. In any case, I am impressed by her courage.    
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  1. Great photos. Idyllic, indeed!

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