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A very early start took me along the quiet and very peaceful cycle track along the River Neisse, which even in high season will be empty at 6 in the morning ....:) . After a breakfast  stop I was astounded to come across a beautiful park that seemed to me "English" with an even more fabulous castle. I learned that this "Muskau Park" (German: Muskauer Park, officially: Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau; Polish: Park Mużakowski) is a landscape park in the Upper Lusatia (German: Obere Lausitz) region of Germany and Poland. I had to acknowledge that I had not consciously heard of this gem before. It is said to be the largest and one of the most famous "English gardens" in Central Europe, stretching along both sides of the German–Polish border on the Lusatian Neisse. The park was laid out from 1815 onwards at the behest of Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (1785–1871), centered on his Schloss Muskau residence. In July 2004, Muskau Park was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Every German - at least - has heard of the name "Fürst Pückler" because it is the name of a famous ice-cream brand! My next surprise came up in Rothenburg, Lausitz - not to be mistaken for the more notorious Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of Germany's most beautiful towns. The local Museum of Aeronautics  sports what I believe is Germany's largest museum of aircraft of Russian origin. The airforce of the German Democratic Republic was supplied by Russian military aircraft and this museum, situated at one of the larger former military airports, offers a very detailed and informative exhibition of the development of aircraft engines and military aircraft. "Kulturinsel Einsiedel" is a fascinating place. A fictional prehistoric culture is revived with a lot of truly fantastic wooden structures, treehouses, creative and funny names for plants and animals which I cannot translate 🙁 ... When I reached Görlitz, I was totally confounded for the third time this day.  What  a beautiful city!  Situated on the River Neisse and directly opposite the Polish town of Zgorzelec - both cities actually belonged together for a long time - it today shows a truly magnificent collection of buildings from the medieval times until today - through each and every epoch. At my campground I came across a book published by the Historical Society of the town showing photographs of Görlitz between the early 1980s and today, documenting the astounding difference the Reunification of the GDR and Western Germany made possible. But just see for yourselves in the gallery below. By the way, the lady who manages the campground together with her husband used to work for the Historical Society and the museums - back in the Old Days - and she says that although even then her work was very interesting  she wouldn't want to miss for anything the changes that have come about. Today, the city provides settings for many a big movie, such as "Grand Budapest Hotel" and is on its way to becoming a true magnet for tourists from all over. And the secret? Well, since 1995 an unknown person has donated 1 million Deutsche Mark, that is 511500€,  to the city every year , asking that this money can only be used to restore the city's beauty. So, year after year this money was invested in refurbishing historical buildings in Görlitz and every year new attempts were made to discover the generous person's name. However, this year 2016 was the last year the money was transferred, so from now on the city is on its own - and the benefactor has not and obviously will not disclose his identity. Don't believe the story? Read the article:   

Castle in Bad Muskau

A Saloon In the Most Easterly Part of Germany????

I've seen quite a few roadsigns - but this one is new ...

Wonderful quiet landscape for many kilometers

Good Price For A Meal - But it's Only 10:30 am ...

Interested in Russian Aircraft Technology?

A Huge Fictional and Creative Village in this Forest ....

Too Bad I'm A Week Early.

Says that someone stole the entire safe from a school to get at the exam papers

First glimpse of Görlitz

Niklolai Church with grave of Jacob Böhme

Gravestone of Jakob Böhme, the "First German Philosopher" according to Hegel

"Zwinger" is a prison tower.

this Book presents the transformation of the buildings of Görlitz from the 80s to today.

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