Mrz 172016
A couple of nice days of sunshine and dry weather lured us out on a 20k hike from Velbert to Langenberg which is known for a huge radio broadcasting antenna - and has been since the 1920s! The town itself goes back to the 13th century and has some very old 15th and 16th century buildings. Well, our hike went well. Luckily we were already on our way down from the hills when the rain set in and quickly turned to snowfall. The last picture was taken from the bus we took back home. On March 7, this is not unusual but unexpected. Am 7. März lockte uns das ruhige und sonnige Wetter hinaus zu einer 20 km-Wanderung nach Langenberg zu, Sender - immerhin einer der Ältesten (20er-Jahre) und größten Sender-Antennen in Deutschland ... Auf dem Rückweg ereilte uns Regen, der schnell in Schnee überging - gerade noch mal Glück gehabt. Während der Busfahrt zurück wurde der Schneefall immer dichter ... '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''
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