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A detailed plan of the intended itinirary can be found here ... A tour around Germany connecting the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea Plans for my next tour are getting serious cialis 20mg suisse. Below you can see two maps showing my itinerary as planned: 3500 kilometers in about 8 weeks with two crossings of the alps. Part 1 On April 27 I will be leaving the city of Hamburg for the Baltic coast which I will follow to Ueckermünde close to the German border with Poland. From there I will be taking the 650 km trail along the rivers Oder and Neisse which in most parts constitute the border between these two countries. The general character of that trail is not only rural and rather flat but also is said to be one of the most pristine landscapes in western Europe.  That part of the trip will lead me through parts of the Czech Republic and the city of Prague. The link below leads to an overview of the trail: http://www.oderneisse-radweg.de/weg.html Another 500+ kilometers will take me to Munich and to the Alps which I will be crossing on the 2000-year-old route called Via Claudia Augusta and was first built by the Emperor Claudius of Altinum as a military transport route and later reinforced by his son Claudius. However, this route lost importance soon after to a newer route across the pass "Brenner".

Via theTrentino I will eventually reach Venice on the Mediterranean Sea. A link explaining the route of the Via Claudia Augusta can be found here:

Part 2 The second part will take me from Venice towards the west, past Milano and on to Geneva in Switzerland. After crossing Switzerland to the city of Zug I will head north towards Luxemburg and from there back to my home region, the southern part of the Ruhr Area and my home town of Velbert which is situated between the Ruhr Area and the city of Wuppertal, ending my tour after 3500 kilometers in about 8 weeks of cycling.  
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