Jan 182016
Ever since I returned from my epic trip across the North American continent I have been struggling to maintain my new body feeling. After all I not only lost 10 kg or about 20 pounds during the almost four months I was on the road but also came home a lot fitter than I had left 🙂 Running has never been easier than during the first two months after my return and I am thoroughly enjoying it. So here I am, doing my best to preserve this power-weight ratio by running about 35 - 50 kms per week, swimming and cycling plus some dragon-boat training. My next tour will be around Germany from April to June. The following video is just a little exercise in learning how to include vids in my posts ...  
  Just some tracks .... Unten sieht man zwei der Laufrouten im Januar, Türkis (über Heiligenhaus, ca. 16 km), weinrot über Oefte, 15 -  18 km .. je nach Anzahl der Runden um den Abtskücher Teich! 🙂 Die Oefter Runde macht ausdrücklich mehr Spaß - trail running!! Laufrouten_01_2016
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