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Day 76 - Chisel Branch Hiker/Biker Campground, (C&O) to Valley Ridge Circle Fairfax, Sept.30, 2015 In Safe Hands My last night at one of the "primitive" but very enjoyable campgrounds along the C&O was over and my old friend Omar in Fairfax was expecting me "for lunch" so I set off on the last 75 km around 7 am. When I reached Chain Bridge across the Potomac the quiet rural and wooded times were over. The path itself had shielded me from DC traffic for 30 km but now I climbed up from the river to Arlington and on to Fairfax in quite steep inclination. After 3 days riding very flat this was a welcome change in exertion! I got onto the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Track which took me further southwest to Fairfax which I reached just hours before the rain set in. ... Seeing old friends again after more than 20 years is a happy moment! At this point I was looking forward to a day or two with rest, good food and showers and then was hoping to continue my trip to Fredericksburg, Richmond, Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown, to tour the old heritage sites of the Founding Fathers of the US. Let us wait to see how the weather develops.  

Some Early Bird-Watchers ...


The closer I get to DC the better is the state of the locks on the C&O, in fact this one looks fully operational.


8 bunk beds in this "romantic" lockmaster's house for 100$ a night seems like a nice adventure. The two people in the picture arejust coming out after having spent the night there.


One of wuite a few herons on the canal


The last miles of calm wooded serenity before DC


The guesthouse near the Great Falls on the Potomac ...


For tourist purposes only but a hundred years ago coal boats clearly dominated.


These falls of the river Potomac formed a serious challenge to the engineers who were trying to construct the canal.


During the ice age the river changed its bed more than once and left very uneven terrain

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Leaving the towpath at Chain Bridge to turn upwards to Arlington and Fairfax


Back in the city ...


... with a little respite provided by this Rails to Trails - Track


A very warm welcome by old friends

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  3 Responses to “Day 76 – Chisel Branch Hiker/Biker Campground, (C&O) to Valley Ridge Circle Fairfax”

  1. Lieber Rene

    Du bist immer noch unterwegs!
    Das ist ja wirklich richtig lange.

    Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz


    • Tja, lieber Schwager, jetzt spielt mir aber das Wetter auch noch einen gehörigen Streich. Mit den Regenmengen eines an der Ostküste vorbeiziehenden Hurricans ist nicht zu spaßen. Da verbringe ich doch lieber ein paar nette Tage mit Freunden in Fairfax bei Washington DC.
      Am 14. Oktober ist der Rückflug. Liebe Grüße an Regina!

  2. Lieber René, schade, dass die Reise bald vorbei ist. Hatte mich so daran gewöhnt, nach dem Frühstück die neuesten Reiseerlebnisse zu studieren. Komm gesund nach Hause. Gruss TIrmi

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