Sep 252015
Day 72 - Ohiopyle, PA to Frostburg, MD, Sep 25, 2015
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GAP (Great Allegheny Passage)  Work in Progress Mason & Dixon Line  

Indian Summer is almost here!

20150925-DSCN6342 20150925-DSCN6345 20150925-DSCN6347

This cat really wanted to get my attention. When I stopped to take its picture it came running up to me and tried to rub its head against my legs and even the bike!

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At Salisbury I crossed the enormously wide Casselman River Valley on a magnificent steel bridge.

20150925-DSCN6366   20150925-DSCN6372

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad made this town grow starting from 1871


A "Caboose" is the last car on a train with space for the conductor, brakeman and a flagger ...


Meyersdale has a very nice museum on local history and shows some well-crafted model trains and landscapes


In memory of the people who die when Flight 93 crashed near here on Sep 11, 2001

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Approaching the Eastern Continental Divide. It's not as spectacular as the one in the Rocky Mountains (it is at "only" ca. 800 meters altitude) but now in fall it shows nice colors!

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