Sep 232015
Day 69 - Hodgson, PA to Pittsburgh, PA
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My ride to Pittsburgh wasn't too pleasant, since most of it was on busy roads with one or two unpleasant close calls impuissance cialis soft... and the routes off the main roads were interspersed with short but steep hills, among them two 11 or 12-percent climbs which I just about managed to climb. When I first caught a glimpse of the skyskrapers of Pittsburgh I was still a way off near a cemetry which allowed for some nice pictures.  I stopped at the "Duquesne Incline", a cable car up to the top of the bluff on the south side of the Monongahela River, one of the three rivers that caused so many bridges to be built in the city that was essentially formed by the steel industry. So what was easier than to connect the steep river shores with steel bridges? The bike path along the river was well paved but fairly narrow which was surely due to the fact that it was constructed as an afterthought in a relatively narrow valley which is dominated by a railroad and a highway which left no room for cyclists. I met Bob and Maggie Holder who have not only done their share of cycling in the US but have also travelled (and cycled) in Europe and are the most wonderful people. Both are retired teachers in their early 60s so we had lots in common and once again it became clear too that to many members of our profession things really get rolling after life in the classrooms. We shared terrific stories. Cycle touring really opens one's heart and mind to people! While Maggie is busy taking responsibility for her community on the board of the city council of West Homestead, where she and her family have been living for a hundred years - no kidding! - , Bob is active on the board of the volunteer organisation that created and maintains the Steel Valley Trail which the first part of the Great Alleghenny Passage between Pittsburgh and Cumberland which I will take and then continue on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath Trail to Washington DC. On their cycling tours the two them have definitely had some adventures one of which sounds particularly intriguing: On a self-contained tour which included the Glacier National Park in Montana and the Going to the Sun Road, Bob was told by a fellow rider that the zipper on one of his panniers was open and he turned round to check if anything was about to fall out of his bag. And that was it, he crashed and lay there bleeding. The car that pulled up offered to take Bob to the next hospital, 20 miles down the road but it turned out that of the 10 riders in the group four were doctors and pooled together they had enough medical supplies to perform the stitches needed to contain the damage! So as Bob put it in his story this was probably the last operation done in the US without heaps of paperwork involved 🙂 ...
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  1. Und wieder so viele wunderschöne Begegnungen…
    Genieße noch die letzten Wochen!

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