Sep 222015
Day 68 - Milton Lake, OH to Hodgson, PA, Sept 21, 2015
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A fairly short ride, I didn't feel like doing 150 in one day, so I called the warmshowers hosts in Pittsburgh and it turned out Tuesday is much better for them, too ... So now I am in Pennsylvania, one of the first 13 states of the USA ... Uneventful, not much to say about today other than that I enjoyed it. Came across a nice phrase:
"Ideas are funny things, they don't work unless you do!"

Canfield War Veterans' Museum


I stopped on Hwy 14 when I saw this garden full of strange figures. Either this person is mentally ill or Halloween is drawing dangerously close.

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On my tour I have seen deer (alive and quie a few roadkill victims) and sometimes deer figures which astounded me only because they didn't move when I passed them. But these wooden interpretations of the deer shape are special.


No comment!


And another state on my cross country tour ...


Hodgson, PA, Crawford's Camping Park - I have gotten used to being the only one ... 🙂


Good meal - with leftovers for tomorrow

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  4 Responses to “Day 68 – Milton Lake, OH to Hodgson, PA”

  1. Wow, that is one wild Halloween display in that yard. Bordering on creepy. Some folks go overboard with Halloween decorations.

    • Hi Jodi, great to see you’re still following … Some folks really have too much time …. 🙂

  2. Hi Rene,
    Glad you had a chance to visit my kid brother and sister, Dianna and Mike. Enjoyed reading your blog. Does you route include Vermont in the Northeast US? Fall leaves will be beautiful here in October.

    • Hi Gene, I will not get to Vermont, unfortunately, since I will be ending my tour in DC, but I would have liked to see the Indian summer in the Northeast very much!

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