Sep 202015
Excursion - Cleveland, OH 3, Sept 19, 2015 On Saturday Mike had wanted to take part in a triathlon but decided against it due to the weather - rainshowers all morning! So he took his boat off the car again and returned it to the garage. Instead, he took his skate skis and headed to Westlake Rec Park to meet up with his pal Frank to do some rounds while I watched a group of kids playing a flag football game with very serious coaching - I felt sorry for the 6-year-olds but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, well, mostly ... Here I see the same type of parents vicariously living their own dreams and hopes through their kids and thereby putting them under the same type of stress and competitive emotions that we see in soccer in Germany.

Extremely active in all kinds of sports, Mike puts on his ski skates here to get an hours run with a friend.


Football starts early and seriously - even girls play flag football!


Dianna in the "emotional hub of family life" - the kitchen.


Alex is obviously enjoying his meal.


All of us: Misha, Alex, Dianna, Alex and myself at our farewell dinner.


In his welding class Alex has produced this wonderful gift for his mother - see next image, too!



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