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Excursion - Cleveland, OH 2 Sept 18, 2015 Our day was packed with activities again; in the morning Dianna took me to see Rocky River High School and its principal, Rob Winton, who took the two of us on a tour of his school. The school has just recently been renovated and has an impressive modern look and feel to it, the ca. 800 students seem to enjoy a well-organized school with highly motivated staff and lots of extracurricular activities.  Sports facilities include not only a field for football, soccer and track with an artificial turf but also a pool and professionally staffed workout area. The science rooms have also been updated and leave nothing to be wished for. A cooperation and exchange program with the Gesamtschule Velbert, Germany is being discussed and would add to the internationally oriented profile of Rocky River High School. After I had done some basic maintenance on my bike in the afternoon, getting it ready to resume my tour on Sunday morning, Dianna, Mike, Misha and I drove to the University Circle and walked through the American Painting exhibition in the Cleveland Art Museum, a truly impressive museum and I regretted not having more time to visit! Their homepage: After the museum we had a wonderful meal in "Little Italy", at a restaurant called "La Dolce Vita", where we had to be reseated because of a wedding festivity. It was a very entertaining evening indeed! Great film? Check out "The Burn" and "North Of The Sun", both extremely creative short films. "The Burn" is about skiing directly after a wildfire was snowed over and "North Of The Sun" is a wild story about three people north of the arctic circle and their adventures with nature. 20150918-DSCN5854 20150918-DSCN5855 20150918-DSCN5859 20150918-DSCN5860   20150918-DSCN5862  

Dianna is responsible for communication and technology in the Rocky River schools.


RobWilton, principal of Rocky River High School together with Dr. Dianna Foley giving me a tour of their school.


An impressive gym!


Even in Ohio not standard in every school!


Tze "Board of Fame" for swimming - some impressive results!


Entering a chemistry class.


The outside sports facilities leave nothing to be desired!

  20150918-DSCN5899 20150918-DSCN5900 20150918-DSCN5901

Dianna and Mike


Mike and his son Misha


The central hall of the Cleveland Art Museum - very impressive!


The Egyptian Department is quite impressive, as well!


The Digital Gallery allows visitors a variety of virtual tours of the museum's exhibits

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