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Day 64 - Broughton,OH to Grand Rapids, OH, 14 Sep. 2015
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In beautiful cool weather I set off in a north-easterly direction and, making good progress, I passed Junction which led me to a very scenic road along first the Auglaize River and then Maumee River past Defiance, Florida and Napoleon up to Grand Rapids, where I decided to stop at a very colorful and scenic row of houses. It turned out to be a real jewel. The "Laroe's" has a nice patio with a river view and I had a sandwich and a beer. I wanted to sit for an hour and get some work done but then was distrcted by first some locals who wanted to know more about my trip and asked me to spend the night at their place (which was too far off my route, so I had to decline ...) then a Skype session followed and, and just when I had turned back to work another pair talked to me and after telling me their own version of   German heritage (very nice people!) the gentleman even took over my bill for my meal! How sweet! By now I had given up on getting any serious work done so I gave up and went over to the county campground and called it a day ...

In Defiance ...


you find most of what ...


to me makes up ...


... small town elements.


A little bit of history ...


... from different epochs.


A lock on the Ohio River - Lake Erie - Canal


Florida, OH

20150914-DSCN5514 20150914-DSCN5515 20150914-DSCN5517 20150914-DSCN5518 20150914-DSCN5519

Every town of more than, let's say, 1000 inhabitants has a ball park!


... and of course its fire department.


Impressive Town hall in Napoleon


A soup manufacturer with its own water tower!


Scenic main street in Grand Rapids, OH


Beautifully restored building with a nice patio and a view of the Maumee River


Just playing with some nice views of this steel bridge at Grand Rapids, OH

20150914-DSCN5544 20150914-DSCN5546 20150914-DSCN5550 20150914-DSCN5554

This Marina was next to the campground and nice showers for me to use!

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