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Day 63 - Huntington to Broughton, Woodbridge Campground, 09.13.2015
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Leaving the town of Huntington after a good night's sleep (YMCA and a good meal let me sleep for over 8 hours), I found out in the course of the day that reducing your speed (somehow I tend to allways push too much) and increasing my cadence did the job: my legs didn't hurt in the evening and I reached a campsite in good state and with enough energy for a nice chat with Berry and Nancy. Berry is a bow hunter which means that he stays up all night to shoot a deer with an arrow. He really enjoys the wait the quietness and the suspense of stealthy way of hunting. A hunt in which the prey is driven out into the open would never be to his taste. I have met quite a few hunters on my trip but this was new to me. Earlier, in Monroeville, I had once again seen a rally of antique cars and everyone seemed to have a great time when the prizes were announced. Unfrtunately this town had neither a campground nor a motel and the only B&B was closed for the weekend so I had to go on south east, the wrong direction, to Broughton but, as mentioned,  met nice people there...  

Two central values in one image ...


Unfortunately the sun was against me and when I tried to get a better angle for the light I accidentally touched the electrical fence - that really hurt and I sat on my bum for ten minutes counting my bones and my heartbeats ...

20150913-DSCN5444 20150913-DSCN5448

A nourishing lunch don't you think?


Ok, another state crossed...


Monroeville has a long tradition of horse racing.


... and of farming, obviously 🙂


a prison?


interesting mural ...


... and here it is: racing since 1872.


This cr is just as old as my Dad!

20150913-DSCN5472# 20150913-DSCN5476

I am probably the last cyclist on tis campground for the year!


Oh yes! Everything is closed downl getting ready for winter, am I doing something wrong?


Berry and Nancy are still holding out - but it's only an hour's drive to their real home ...

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