Sep 122015
Day 61- Rensselaer, IN to Peru, IN Indian Trails Campground, Peru, Indiana   After leaving Chris and Jodi’s hospitable home (not without having to return after 15 minutes because I luckily remembered having forgotten my e-book in the comfortable room I stayed in) I reached the Indian Trail Campground in Peru, Indiana which, although actually not far from Interstate 31, is located deep in a wood and has a very natural feel to it. On my walk through the wood I found a large pond almost completely covered in algae and an improvised home with an old camper almost covered in plants. A fence with a sign “Hell with the dog, beware of the owner” is meant to deter nosy visitors like myself. I find out that this place belongs to the two young people – well actually, the girl seems very young and the man seems too old to be her partner and too young to be her father ….- who delivered firewood to a camper next to my nice covered campsite. I walked up to them and, thinking they were putting the wood there for themselves, asked them if they planned to stay for the winter. The hesitation was only short and the girl said, ”Yes, we are, but not here. We live up over there in the wood.” “Doesn’t that hornets’ nest in the tree near the boats worry you?” I want to know. “No, they have so far only attacked other people – we think they know we love nature …” Ok, well! The manager of the campground is another surprise. She raised five children, her first one was born in Mainz, Germany, ^in the US army barracks in the 1960s. Her husband had an army career so he went back to Europe after spending some time in the US and having another 4 kids. In Germany, however, he had a German girl and a kid waiting for him. After the divorce he completely abandoned his former family and still lives in Germany, now retired. The lady remarried and now manages the large campground with her husband who is suffering from nose cancer probably caused by the fumes of the spray paint which he inhaled for 18 years. He is proud never to have used a sissy mask during his spraying! He later owned a gas station in the south before he moved to rural Indiana with his new wife to manage the campground … Very nice and friendly people, uncomplicated and very talkative – the lady even tried to remember some German! I’m right on my plan to reach Cleveland around the 18th or maybe a bit earlier …
Sorry, the gps-file contains two days ... this happens if I forget to delete the previous day's data in the machine ...

... at leaving Jodi and Chris' home in Rensselaer - but before remebering the forgotten ebook which made me return! Still, a memorable stay with wonderful warmshowers hosts!


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What more do you need????


"Fall" or "autumn" is definitely approaching!


A different kind of "retreat" (that is a much over-used word over here ...)


One of several hornets' nests - my video shows them entering and leaving - it's alive!


The nest is in the top left hand corner


These "professional"-looking cables can be found all over the campground - but the people are nice!

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