Sep 102015
Day 60 - Ashkum (Ill) to Rensselaer (IN) Writing my blog at Ashkum Village Park yesterday evening sure had its price: I collected about 200 mosquito bites around my ankles - somehow I didn't really notice them ... until they started itching so badly I couldn't dream of sleeping although I generously applied anti itch cream! So I again got up at dawn and left very early but without hurry. I had a warmshowers host arranged for Rensselaer, my first town in Indiana. Since it was only 56 miles or 90 kms I knew I would not have to hurry. I came across an interesting cemetry near Iroquois (pronounced "írokoy") with a sign saying that a Mr. Fry, whose gravestone indeed confirmed this possibility, had faught in the War of Independance! After buying more anti itch cream at Walmart's in Rensselaer I went to a MacD's ... Jodi and Chris turned out to be most wonderful hosts! Both are very nice, gentle people with a lot of stories to tell and have only recently decided to open their 5 bedroom house to cyclists like me. They seem to be looking forward to the variety of people this brings into their home. We spent a very enjoyable evening in a newly opened Mexican restaurant. The owners, a whole family it seems, still have to refine their routines and do something about the terrible “classroom accoustics” in their restaurant but the food was excellent. Small town life was one of our topics and it turned out that one of the professors at the college in town has the habit of publishing current news and developments in Rensselaer in such detail that some people have come to rely on his blog even more than on the local paper. 🙂 The Kosari’s Labrador has proven my previously expressed theory that owning a dog seems to be a prerequisite to becoming a Warmshowers host, the only exception to this rule in my experience so far being Jason and Graham in Vancouver! No map,see next day (Day 61)  

1758 - 1838!

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Jodi and Chris Kosari are enjoying a seminar on theology - they work as voluntary pastors!

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