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Day 57 - Davenport to Cambridge, Ill 07.09.205, Sep 7th, 2015
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Back on the road again! After a night in a motel near the airport of Moline, one of the "Quad Cities", I took a cab to Davenport and picked up my bike. I crossed the Mississippi river for the last time and followed the river trail to Moline. I met four cyclists on a Labor Day tour, they had done parts of the RAGBRAI tour this year. I came thrugh a residential road in Moline with lots of chairs put out and a few scatttered people awaiting the Labor Day Parade rather early (it was still over an hour off!) My route then led me along Green River and the Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail in an easterly direction for 20 miles until I went south through lots and lots of fields to the Timber Campground near Cambridge. Today's ride was rather short, only 68 km but a nice quiet afternoon with a swim in a little lake was just right. Today, actually, was the last day the campground owners allowed swimming in their lake for whatever reason ... But this reminds me that we are slowly getting on into fall. My calculation tells me that I will be in  the Cleveland area around the 15th and hit Rocky River on the 18th or 19th of  September.

Crossing the Mississippi for the last time - at Davenport

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Relaxing on the Hennepin Canal


It's nice to be on the road again

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