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Excursion by Car - Days 3  Burlington to Springfield 03.09.2015 / 04.09.2015 On Wednesday we travelled to Springfield; Illinois, also known as "Lincoln Land". The following morning we visited the Lincoln Grave, which was next to our motel. From there we went downtown and took a tour of the house and area where Abraham Lincoln spent his first years as a lawyer and was asked if he would want to run for presidency in 1858, after the question of slavery had almost split the whole country in two and which led to his presidency in 1861. The house showed very vivedly how the Lincoln family lived and the Americans cherish the fact that Lincoln's humble background (he was raised in a tiny farmer's loghouse) did not prevent him from becoming not only a successful lawyer, but also one of the most influencial presidents of the United States. Our tour guide stressed more than once the degree to which Lincoln personified the "American Dream". Later in the day we visited the Old Illinois State Capitol in which we had an interesting tour on the political times in which Lincoln worked before he became President and led the Nation to victory in the Civil War. (Link on the history of the building here: Interestingly, this building was also the site of Barack Obama's declaration of candidacy in 2007 ... And, even more interesting, the guide did not mention this fact!     20150903-DSCN4649 20150903-DSCN4657  20150903-DSCN4676   20150903-DSCN4703     20150903-DSCN4711

Lincoln's private desk ...

  20150903-DSCN4723 20150903-DSCN4724 20150903-DSCN4727 20150903-DSCN4729 20150903-DSCN4737 20150903-DSCN4739   20150903-DSCN4745

The "new" Capitol of Illinois

20150903-DSCN4760 20150903-DSCN4764 20150903-DSCN4765# 20150903-DSCN4773 20150903-DSCN4783

A flag captured by soldiers of the north from a secessionist army unit.

20150903-DSCN4786 20150903-DSCN4791

The room in which Lincoln met with other politicians before he became President. The wooden chain the background is carved from one single piece of wood and ewas given to Lincoln as a symbol oif the unity of the land. he fencepost in the righthandcorner was used successfully to identify Lincoln in his campaign as a man of humble background.


The same room as above in contemporary sketch - it seems much larger!

20150903-DSCN4799 20150903-DSCN4807 20150903-DSCN4808   20150903-DSCN4809   20150903-DSCN4811 20150903-DSCN4815 20150903-DSCN4818 20150903-DSCN4819 20150903-DSCN4823 # 20150903-DSCN4830
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