Aug 312015
Day 55 - Dyersville to Bennett Park
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Nearing my stepping stone to Chicago in Davenport, IA, I did a fairly long run of  130 km and decided to call it quits at Bennett Park, a small campground 2 miles south of Bennett. Only two campers were present and later these very friendly people told me about a charity party going on that evening in Bennett with a frog jumping contest. I wanted to see this! Not since Mark Twain had I heard of people betting on whose frog would first jump across the circle line! Two people with their giant frogs make their animals jump in the desired direction but without touching them. The winner gets to start in the next round. This is not a cheap undertaking, since the frogs are "sold" at a starting price of 100$ up to 300$ a piece. This money goes to the community's fire station and even the winner usually gives most of his earnings back to the community. Live music and of course lots of beer form the backdrop to this bucolic rural pastime. And then I met Kris and Dave Wendt (German ancestry, of course, like almost everyone here ...). These two own and manage a farm here in Bennett and spontaneously invite me to pay them a visit on Tuesday, together with my son, This might be an interesting impression of rural life in Iowa!  Now all I have to do is persuade the young man to spend an hour on a farm... 😉

A 15-year-old runs for President of the USA!


Why am I not surprised?


The early bird ....

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