Aug 262015
Day 51 - Kellogg, MN to Winona, MN
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A wonderful trip along the bluffs of the Mississippi river took me to Winona, MN.  Met another career-changing person: the manager of the city-owned campground turned out to be a former teacher who after only three years of teaching highschool decided to step out and started managing this campsite in a state nature reserve park. His two daughters are doing very well in their careers ... And I met a student of accounting who was passing his lunch break between classes doing a round of "golf-frisbee" around the town lake in Winona. I often teach "Frisbee Ultimate" at school but have never heard of "Golf Frisbee". It consists of a number (18) metal chain baskets around a course and just as in golf you use different types of frisbees for distance throwing of the"T"and for "putting" ... I decided to take half a day off and checked in to a motel; maybe I'll find a steak restaurant. My diet hasn't been too cool these days, to use a US vernacular ...
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