Aug 222015
Day – 47 Little Falls to Milaca, MN,  21.08.2015
Distanz km Dist miles kumul. Distanz kumul. Miles aver. day (km/h) kum.(km/h) Altit. M cumul. Altitude Temperature
101 62,758 4006,2 2489,34 17 18,36 181 23872 15 - 22
I left Little Falls and stayed on the western side of the Mississippi River for a while, to have a look at the Charles Lindbergh house and park, which Lindberg Sr. presented to the state after his retirement from the Senate. After crossing over to the East over the River I went mostly south with a fairly strong headwind and I stopped at a store in Ramey, MN, where I had a nice chat with the three men in the store and bar. The owner, Arlen, told a story about his Elk hunting in Alaska with his wife in 2014. After shooting the Elk, the animal ran right into the ice cold river where it died and the two were unable to pull the heavy carcass out of the water so they settled down to cutting the meat right there for 8 hours. Two days later both found out that they had frozen toes and both are suffering even today from the damage to their nerves … I call that “revenge of the elk!” The other story I heard was from a Montana cowboy (who insisted he was to be called a “cowman”, instead) who now lives in Minnesota, taking care of cattle here. Well, he was getting ready as we talked to go out to a ranch where a cow wasn’t letting her newborn calf suck and so the young one was doomed. He was about to go out, tie the cows head to a post, shackle the hind legs so she couldn’t kick her calf and then he would help the weak calf suck on his mother. He seemed very matter-of-fact about this procedure and had obviously done this before. In Milaca, a small town I decided to stop but there was no campground. I stopped to ask an ambulance driver but he said he didn’t know about a park and called the local police. Five minutes later a cop got out of his car and gave me directions to a park on the “Rum River” where I could sleep; he’d pass on the information to the night shift … He warned me about the mosquitoes so I’ll make sure the tent doesn’t stand open! After a close look at map and distances I was startled to realise that it will be hard for me to reach even Muscatine by Sept. 31 when Niklas wants to come to Chicago. I am really looking forward to spending a week  with my son!
Bartender Arlen on his hunting trip in 2014 - where he got frostbitten toes

Bartender Arlen on his hunting trip in 2014 - where he got frostbitten toes

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