Aug 212015
Day 46 - Hackensack to Little Falls, MN Susan and Dave Sperstad in Little Falls, MN
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“Sure we can host you, come to our bicycle store, it’s on your way,” was Susan Sperstad’s answer when I called her from my lunch at Brainerd, the same town Bob, Nancy and I had been to the day before to “stock up “. Actually I had only planned to go as far as Brainerd or Baxter but I arrived there by noon so I decided to thank my prospective hosts by phone and went on to Little Falls, which was 137km . Little Falls is the birthplace of Charles Lindbergh, so I wanted to have a look at the Lindbergh State Park but got there too late. Susan had asked me on the phone to pass by their shop before closing time at six and I arrived there by 5:20 pm. So I’ll just look at the Lindbergh museum tomorrow… I got to the store and met Sue, an Elementary school teacher who has specialized on supporting kids with special needs due to either disabilities or immigration, and Dave who has just opened a bicycle shop with an obviously sound business plan. After a very cordial welcome in their shop and a short ride on a brand new Surly Fatbike (which was indeed a new experience – these bikes are said to be great in snow or sand), Susan and I went to their home and later we all went to a gathering of vintage cars where I finally got my food (and was I hungry!). Apart from that I got an insight into small town action: 30 or so cars from 1927 to the seventies competed in different categories, and the event was hosted by the local community center represented by a very eloquent lady who gave out the prizes in categories such as: The nicest rims; the best paint job; the nicest car from the twenties (there were at least two!) thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and so on .. I got the final ceremony on video, but as you know, no videos in this blog ... Susan, Dave and I then went to their home and enjoyed a nice evening with – again – their dogs! It seems to be a fact: Warmshower hosts have pets, and at least one dog – this family has three! Thank you, Susan and Dave, for an interesting exchange of thoughts and for hosting me!
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