Aug 202015
Day 45 - Layover in Hackensack Nancy and Bob "persuaded" me to stay another night after my long ride yesterday and I had the most wonderful and relaxed day possible. Besides catching up with washing, blogging and a good breakfast and after watching them as they took their boat out of the lake and stored it in their boat house for the winter, they took me on a little shopping tour to Brainerd, "only" 50 miles (80kms) away, which meant 160 kms for a little bit of "stocking up on the groceries". We went to have lunch at a local brewery in Nisswa oni our way there and I had to taste five (small!) glasses of different beers which in Germany the brewer would probably have lost his concession for, but which tasted good and excitingly new ... The stores in Brainerd were of the big type. A super big wholesale store like the German "Metro"-style and exquisite specialty stores with fish and meat department of really astounding variety.  I got a new gas bottle for my cooker and stocked up myself with 2 packages of rice-based meals. In the evening my two hosts cooked another great meal with pork chops, salad and potatos and some of the stout ale they had bought at the brewery earlier. Tomorrow I'll go to Brainerd again, this time on my own two wheels where another warmshowers host will be awaiting me. Thanks Bob, thanks Nancy for some real quality time with you!

Bob and Nancy's home oin "Pleasant Lake", Cass County - garden view from living room


Lunchtime in Nisswa, on our way to going shopping in Brainerd.


I opted out on the IPA, you had to choose 5 out of 6 varieties


Bob and Nancy getting ready to shop!

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It seems everybody is making their own beer in this country - I got this impression as early as Vancouver!

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