Aug 162015
Moorhead to Tamarac / Round Lake, MN
Moorhead Tamarac / Round Lake 111,5 69,283 3548,9 2205,18 22 18,40 488 22692 18
After a heartfelt “Auf Wiedersehen” from Delia, Lyle and Karin (it was still too early for Samantha and Bill) I left off North and later East at a leisurely pace. These last two days had been very warm but at the same time relaxing. It was a true break from the many long distance days earlier. I have met some wonderful people, warmhearted, easygoing, uncomplicated and very open to their guests. Thank you for having me and letting me feel welcome in your home! A light tailwind helped me along and I was at Callaway after 73 kms at 11:30 already after only 3h 10 min. I don’t usually comment on these statistics but this had been my planned distance for the day so I decided to go on. It was a wonderful day to ride at 18-20 C and a cloudy sky. Almost too cold! 😉 When I reached the “Strawberry Lake Convenience Store” I stopped and chatted to the lady in the store, since Bill and Karin had mentioned her as very helpful during a storm with hail a few days earlier. This lady told me she had asked the two cyclists that day to stay in one of her rooms because of the bad storm. I noticed a teenager at a table in the corner who seemed restless and at the same time bored. “Together my husband and I have eight boys, him four and me four and you would think that they’d be some help to their dad on the field. He works as an auto technician and also has this farm. But no – kids today are so demanding and take everything for granted… “ Chance, her son, only replied, “but it was so hot these days and besides I don’t know how to work that machine. And I repaired this dirt bike with a friend!” His mom told me that he had difficulties at school because he suffered from ADHD and gave him his medication which he reluctantly took. I said goodbye and went on to Round Lake in the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Traffic was almost non-existent (as it had been on Highways 14, 21, 34 and 143 all day) and the campground was all but deserted. Some permanent RVs but no moving traffic or tourists. So I pitched my tent and wandered around, planning my excursion to the Mississippi headwaters tomorrow. pics will follow when I have WiFi - this is over my phone (Yes! I've finally got a working phone!)
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