Aug 152015
Day 41 - Layover Fargo/Moorhead, MN - part 2 My second day of rest with these wonderful people here in Moorhead brings along another drive with Lyle, this time out to Buffalo, ND, to pick up some motorcycle parts from a Harley Davidson mechanic. Lyle has lost track on how many motorcycles he really owns, but all of them have liability insurence so he could probably look it up ... 6 or 7 Harleys, a Moto Guzzi, two BMWs, some Suzukis, and so on. His storage garage was packed and he has two other places where he stores them. Two of his bikes were used as props in the movie he acted in until this week  - and tonight will be the wrap-up-party of the film team to which I've been invited. So I'm definitely getting more than a "nickel tour" of life around here. In Buffalo I met Dewey the bike expert who, upon hearing I am German called his wife and asked me to speak with her in German which suprised her but she got to the workshop immediately and we chatted a while about her time in Germany in an exchange and her career with  John Deere and her German was very good indeed. You don't find many Americans who put in an effort into learning foreign language - but then, why should they bother?

Dewey handing over and discussing motorcycle parts with Lyle.


Leah, Dewey's wife, enjoyed speaking German with me ...

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