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Day 39 - Gackle to Enderlin, NDDay 38 - Gackle to Enderlin, ND
Day 38 12.08.2015 Gackle Enderlin,ND 119 73,943 3343,4 2077,49 22 18,17 201 22174 37
Another day with 120 kms - this is becoming a habit I do not really need. I don't have all that energy, and I'll be done far too quickly; that would be a waste, wouldn't it?! After washing all my clothes at the Honey Hub in Gackle I feel almost civilized again, but today I set a new record: If you look at the map I could have set my bike on autopilot all the way, well almost. There was one relief to the tiring monotony of 120kms in a straight line and that was when I went  down a long hill into the Cheyenne river valley and then up again on the other side. Here I saw three men drilling and I stopped to ask "Water or oil?" "Oil, of course" was the curt answer and off I went. Getting closer to Enderlin I had this memory of old Western movies from the sixties or seventies where all major events in the "Wild West" were started or settled (in court)  in Fargo: The Wells Fargo Stagecoach, for example or stories about going West to find gold or new land ... There was one funny thing, though, which my "deformation professionelle" as a teacher makes me comment on: On the road and on the maps as well I find two different spellings of the town name "Montpelier" or "Montpeller". Now, if I remember my French correctly it should be "Montpellier", however, if you take into account historical deformation of the name, maps and signs should at least be consistent ... sorry ... "Am I being difficult?" would now be the appropriate US-phrase to what I am doing here  🙂 Actually,  I tried that phrase in a Subway restaurant once when all those decisions I had to make about the type of bread and what went on my sandwich had me bewildered and I looked at the lady next to me, raising my brow and asked her, "am I being difficult???" and she responded (maybe automatically, for all I know), "No, you're fine!" It was again very hot (36 C) during the day and my pace is draining me so I bought a large pizza and retired to a motel in Enderlin to cool my aching (and stupidly sunburned!) legs and plan the visit to Fargo tomorrow. I decided to put in a day of rest in Fargo and made a reservation at a Spa for a sports (stretching) massage for tomorrow evening at 6 pm. What a delicious feeling of anticipation. I haven't decided on accomodation, but have several options. My wish come true would be a warmshowers host ...

... made up of old painted tires!


Hi Dad!


Wonderful deserted place to take a nap in the shade.


Mine is not much younger but in much better shape!

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  4 Responses to “Day 38 – Gackle to Enderlin, ND”

  1. Hallo Rene,
    ich habe vom ersten Tag an Deine Reise in Wort und Bild verfolgt. Großartige Leistung!!
    Du legst ein großes Tempo vor, vergiss nicht die notwendigen Pausen. Es sind tolle Eindrücke von Land und Leuten. Ich bin weiter neugierig.



    • Hallo Rudi, danke für deine aufmunternden Worte. Deine Mahnung wird sofort umgesetzt. Ich bin jetzt in Fargo, North Dakota und wechsele nach Minnesota, mache hier aber erstmal ein oder zwei Tage Pause. Das ist erst die dritte „Stadt“ seit über 6 Wochen, wenn man von Vancouver absieht!

  2. Hallo René, ich verfolge täglich Deinen Trip. Sehr zielstrebig. Tolle Leistung. Weiter so, ich warte auf tägliche Berichterstattung. Gruss Tante Irmi

    • Hallo Lieblingstante (Du erinnerst Dich?)
      Ich freue mich immer wieder, von meinen „Mitlesern“ etwas zu hören! Das spornt doch an, nicht wahr?
      Wenn Du bisher durchgehalten hast, dann ist Dein Englisch wirklich gut!
      Liebste Grüße aus dem Itasca National Park in Minnesota, der „Quelle des Mississippi“.

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