Aug 132015
Day 39 - Enderlin to Moorhead, Minnesota
Enderlin, ND Fargo, ND 94 58,409 3437,4 2135,90 23 18,30 30 22204 32
The rainshowers this morning in Enderlin definitely did not deter me because the wind was from the west and strong! So off I went. My first stop for a cup of coffee and a sandwich (did I tell you that I'm always hungry and seem to be losing weight all the time?) got me into a discussion with a workman who - as always - asked me, "Where you headin' and where'd you come from?" and I found out that he works as a heavy machine operator and is licenced for four types of cranes. The problem with his licences is that the employer can put all the responsibility on to him; "If the client says this stuff weighs 10000 pounds and in reality it's 30000, and an accident happens the company will just hold me responsible. But if I say I won't do it, the client says then he'll get someone who can!" So be careful with those weights you're lifting, I said, and his reply was, "and you stay safe on the road!" Speaking of safety, I exchanged my "high-visibility" yellow shirt for my red one. Why? Well, in Gackle I heard of a 75-year-old cyclist who was killed in an accident because the driver didn't see him. Two days ago in Gackle Jason Miller of the Honey Hub had told me that story and someone else in that town advised me to wear a red shirt because the yellow shirt blended in too much with the drying vegetation around Hwy 10. So I put my red shirt over my blue long sleeved shirt which protects me from the sun. And the shoulders on that road are for many kms practically non-existent. In Enderlin yesterday a truck driver came up to me in the gas station and literally thanked me for wearing red on that road so that together with my red panniers he could see me much more easily than with yellow. This information needs to be passed on to ACA! I reached my warmshowers host Delia Ann Landstrom early in the day after 94 kms and immediately felt welcome. She and her daughter Samantha even offered to take me to my massage appointment! That was very relaxing especially since the therapist did a good job on my quads - even if it could have lasted longer, but it was nice to be pampered after more than six weeks on the road. Tomorrow will be a day off.

This is where "house on wheels" gets a new meaning


Problems with alimentation? Go here!


These freebies are grest - and people are queing up for them!


His sign says "Store Manager"


Delia's girls Marisa and Sam are enjoying the sundaes!


My first rootbeer vanilla ice cream was delicious!


This store serves every need, vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree, organic, non-gmf ... whatever you need, it's there.

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  1. So, heute also ein freier Tag! Du kannst ihn ja zum Essen nutzen! Kann mir schon vorstellen, dass Du erheblich mehr Kalorien brauchst als normalerweise bei den Strecken, die Du täglich absolvierst!
    Bezüglich des bear- sprays glaube ich, macht sich niemand so viel Gedanken über Entsorgung und Mülltrennung wie wir! Das Ende der Geschichte habe ich schon kommen sehen.
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. so einen Stopp musst du öfter einlegen. Viel Spaß weiterhin

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