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Day 35 - Hazen, ND,  to Washburn, ND. 09.08.2015
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I discounted the trip to Hazen in the truck!
After a great breakfast with Violet I took off to the East, got to Washburn by 11:30 and went into the Lewis & Clark Interpretative Center to have a look at the exhibits and find out about the exploration of the two Captains on their expedition to the Pacific in 1804 to 1806. Find out more: After the interpretative center of the L&C expedition I went down to a very informative visit to the replica of Fort Mandan - the original fort which Lewis and Clark built on the banks of the Missouri in 1804 is now most probably in the river itself due to natural changes in the course of the river – and a video documentation of this visit will also be done after my return. Allow me just one comment: the guide to the fort is a very well educated young man with a good command of German after spending only two years in Germany (Marburg mostly). I helped him with technical vocabulary on construction and military details but he had a good grasp of it already! Chapeau! I then decided to continue on south in the direction of Bismarck. And here I would like to include a minor stupidity based on my “European” reading of maps: From freeway 83 (fairly busy on a Sunday afternoon) I had to turn off to “scenic” highway 1804 (coincidence? This was the exact year when the Lewis & Clark expedition passed through). My map AND my gps told me to cross over to the left earlier and do a triangle back to the highway. I automatically assumed that the only right turn off Freeway 83 would be either an underpass or a bridge, so I crossed the busy freeway (which took some time!) in order to crawl up a hilly 2 km gravel road (my favorites!!!! 🙁 ), turn right back in the direction of the freeway only to discover that I could have very easily continued on the freeway until the turnoff! No bridge, no underpass! And I might have guessed, too: there simply are none of those elaborate construction in North Dakota! The gps had simply wanted me to get away from the freeway, as it always seems to, no matter what options I choose … Well, I still consider myself a very happy (and lucky – for those Germans among you who for understandable reasons don’t seem to grasp the difference; check “glücklich”) man. Why? Well, as I was riding along the “scenic highway 1804”, I noticed a very dark and dangerous-looking weather front coming in my direction. And the headwind (again, my favorites!)   was getting stronger by the minute. What options did I have? When lightning came down ahead of me I thought of just riding up to the next building, be it a farm or some industrial site and beg for shelter. It was only 5 pm, so when the storm didn’t seem to be getting any closer I decided to head on for another hour and then decide what to do. At 5.30 I saw a caravan near a construction site and thought I might talk that person into letting me pitch my tent. He was very nice indeed and told me of a boat ramp with a campsite 2 miles on. I had heard of such a place but wasn’t sure how far it would be because it didn’t appear on any of my maps. Well, I went on and here I am: Camping table with a roof (a perfect place for my tent should it rain) and a perfect view of the Missouri river; I could even go swimming but I’m afraid of the currents … I crossed the Missouri River for the second time and will camp on its bank beyond Washburn. Tomorrow I will head on to Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota.
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Celebrating 100 years of their church, quilts were offered at a raffle (not quite the same as an auction)


The little girl in the center is Violet; with her 5 siblings and her parents on their farm


Hazen airport


Rain? This is coal area - with power plants everywhere

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Sometimes even junk can be surprising


A scarecrow trying to sit upright on a pennyfarthing


Looking out at the Missouri river - feels like Captains Lewis & Clark


Small train cars or giant silos?


In winter this is all frozen

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  1. R. Highway in North Dakota numbered 1804 for L&C expedition. I’ve ridden that road. Very nice. Ep

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