Aug 092015
Day 34 - Richardton to Hazen, ND, 08.08.2015 In the only bar in Richardton the night before I'd met Jeff, a contractor in the local oil business, who offered to take me up to Hazen this morning. By 9:15 he picked me up in a red Dodge truck (wonderful car!) and drove me and my bike the 100kms north and then East via Interstate 94, Highway 49 and then Hwy 200 East to Hazen where we finally found Violet's pink house. And he did this on his mother's 95th birthday! That was so nice of Jeff Hoff! After meeting Violet and getting to know each other a little I met one of her grandsons, her daughter Pam and the  editor of the HAZEN STAR, the local paper who did an interview with me which Violet promised to send to my home address ...

Jeff getting ready to drive me and my bike up north to Hazen


Everything safe here!


On my bike I hadn't seen any bison - now I'm in a car!


Violet Isaak in front of her Hazen home

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