Aug 072015
Day 32 - Beach, ND -  only local kms, as almost everywhere. The sum of those will make up the difference between my "official" distance and the kms my second cycling computer will tell me in the end ... I had a wonderful day of rest including another hour in the pool. After a leisurely breakfast I visited the local heritage museum of Golden Valley County here in the town of Beach, ND. A very sweet former kindergarten teacher named Gwen gave me a wonderful tour of the museum - a video documentation will be done after my return home -  ... I will continue tomorrow on old highway 10 (which runs parallel to the freeway 94  east) to Dickinson, which will be 65 miles or about 106 kms. It might be a little bit more since the indicated mileage refers to the freeway ... Just an offer: if you guys out there want to see how I look in my swimming trunks after 6 weeks of cycling, give me a comment saying: Ja, ich will! 🙂
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  1. R. Callie and I are back in Essex. Looks as tho you are doing well. Ep

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