Aug 062015
Day 31 - Glendive, MT to Beach, ND Aug 6, 2015
Glendive, MT Beach, ND 83 51,574 2662,8 1654,59 17 17,57 470 19240
I decided to leave Glendive; I had seen the whole town, I even met Tanner who offered to let me put up my tent on a patch of grass beneath his company sign next to the highway, but it started to rain and I went down to the RV campground. It was already dark and I was really wet but still this elderly lady made me put on my wet clothes again and register in her office. I hadn't seen anyone there earlier. The next morning I saw what this place was like: A huge uneven field with lots of giant RVs on it and it cost me 15$. I left and decided on a leisurely tour into ND. Here I was welcomed in more than one way: The wind stopped, the lady at the tourist information center was nice and helpful and the campground in the city park was next to a swimming pool! So, 3$ for a swim, a shower and a chance to wash some clothes isn't too bad ... Along the road I saw wonderful geological formations called the "Montana Badlands" in derivation of an Indian name for this great-looking but almost impassable area. So I'm now in North Dakota!  

Graffitti - Montana style 🙂


Makoshika State Park near Glendive - "Badlands"

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This is just the place for a layover day ...

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