Aug 052015
Day 28 - Glasgow to Wolf Point (02.08.2015)
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People I met This story is for Alan Gugino, whom I met in Malta one afternoon. Remenber, we talked about the dogs on the Indian reservations and you recalled that they seemed to attack in groups and were quite vicious. Well, I was riding through the reservation on my way to Wolf Point, you know that long stretch of 25 miles with no bend. I was dog-aware all the time, the few small farms with their derelict cars could all have had several of them but not one dog jumped out barking like mad and trying to attack me. Even the stretch along dried-out Frazer Lake was quiet. So very gradually my awareness dropped off and I turned to other matters in my mind. Suddenly there he was: a big wheat-colored beast had silently run up behind me, not barking once. I had a fright and accelerated but the dog kept coming closer. I stopped my bike and, true to the theory I had told you, Alan, I made a little offering to the dog while talking to him in a friendly but stern voice (in German!). My problem was that I had NOT bought any dog biscuits as I had planned for that particular stretch. So I took my mixed nuts and presented them to the dog. He licked up one and left the rest, turned off and walked away, not bothering me again. Wow, I guess the dog thought: "Doesn't speak English, has nothing I like - who is this guy? Not interested." ...  
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  1. I remember that dog. He surprised me as well. I thought him to be very scary.I
    wish I could have seen you in action. I am not brave enough to stop & offer the dogs anything.

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