Aug 012015
Day 27 - Malta to Glasgow 113 (2322)     235 m (17553) Leaving Malta early again - not because of insomnia but because of the expected temperatures - I noticed a little museum with old Ford T and Ford A models as well as an original settlers' carriage. I had always imagined them to be much bigger ... Sorry about the glares, I couldn't go inside at 6:30 in the morning ... I wanted to have breakfast after a good morning's ride but it turned out I had no decent opportunity to stop until I got to an ancient rock with Indian engravings called "Sleeping Buffalo" (see image). The problem was the heat outaide, the strong smell of tobacco inside the shed (tabacco seems to have been used as some sort of worshipping ritual) and the myriads of mosquitos who chose me as their breakfast!  So putting on my black rain trousers against the pests I quickly made and gulped down my lovely muesli with orange juice (A combination that was intended, not involuntary!) and hurried off. NOTE: When cycling in Northern Montana in the summer, one should not drop below 15 km/h, should not stop and should therefore have a well-filled bottle you can efficiently use with one hand while riding.Why? Well, for two reasons: mosquitoes don't seem to be able to react to your overwhelming body odours quickly enough at that speed - and you don't get the cooling breeze you are creating ... Getting to my destination "Glasgow" (wow, more than 2000 inhabitants!) wasn't easy today. The distance of 113 km was not the problem, I have done more. But the heat! I reached the town at 1:30 after 6 hours of riding. Although I did drink enough I was at the end of my tether. Absolutely exhausted. I even started to see movements where there definitely weren't any. So I decided to call it a day and get out of the sun. I took a motel room which was pretty cool at "only" 27 C inside. But what a relief. And tomorrow is supposed to get even hotter! We'll see.  
Getting out of Malta I found a "transpotration museum"

Getting out of Malta I found a "transportation museum"

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  1. Yo! Rene‘ I enjoyed your company last night. Could have visited more. You are a gifted writer & photographer. Really! Let me know if you make friends with the dogs on the reservation. Wolf Point also has a city park (free) with a pool & showers. Good riding my friend! Stay in touch

    • Thanks for the flowers, Alan! I really enjoyed our evening, too. „Go for your life, man“; That’s our motto, isn’t it?
      All the best, let’s keep in touch …

    • Forgot: Here in a restaurant three caclists westbound told me the same thing about Wolf Point campground. So I’m looking forward to a dip in the pool …

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