Jul 262015
Day 19 - Sparwood to Baynes Lake 91km  492alt. (24.07.2015) From the old mining town in Sparwood it took about 6 hours to find a campsite at Baynes Lake. We came through the small town of Fernie, where I used WiFi while Flavio had his bike repaired at a bike shop. I was surprised to find a memorial to hononr the casualties of Fernie soldiers who died on the Britishh side during WW I in Flanders and Ypern. A detour away from the highway suggested by our 2! gps machines led us into a sawmill area with  dusty gravel tracks and a lot of ups and downs.  Finally a very talkative lady directed us to Baynes Lake Campground. It was full, we must have been allotted the very last site. In any case it was the largest campground I have ever seen: After checking in it took us another 10 minutes!!, several kilometers to finally reach the lake and the campsite. We had a very refreshing swim in the Kookanusa Lake - access to the lake would have been impossible at that point if not for a long rope that had been attached to a tree by some previous guests ...

Historical oil rig in Fernie


WW I memorial in Fernie


Logging road ...


brand new machinery


... and a new Ford

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