Jul 242015
Day 18 - 23.07.2015  102km (1390) 772 alt. (13800) BC Forest Service Recreation Site to Sparwood After a quiet night with my bear spray always at hand we went on a long descent down from the heights of the Elk Pass to the Elk River flats and in direction of Sparwood. After a lunch at Elkford (where I imprudently had a pizza) and some shopping in Sparwood we finished the day at the campground in Sparwood with our second warm meal of the day - what luxury! Unfortunately my stomach didn't like it as much and I had a uncomfortable night ...
  20150723-DSCN1815 20150723-DSCN1829 20150723-DSCN1831 20150723-DSCN1834 20150723-DSCN1837
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  2 Responses to “Day 18 – BC Forest Service Recreation Site to Sparwood”

  1. Was für Monster-Fahrzeuge!!! Unglaublich!! Da muss einem ja Angst und Bange werden, wenn man so einem Gefährt auf der Straße begegnet.

  2. You appear to be killing it out there! Well done. Awesome scale pictures with the bikes and trucks too! Funny actually.

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