Jul 202015
Day 14 - From Waterfowl Lakes to Lake Louise 19 July 2015;  62 km (1142km) 584 alt After "sleeping in" until 6 - after all it had been a nice evening - I left camp at 8:30 after talking to some Australian cycle-tourists-gone-astray-on-a-car-tour and after saying goodbye to the cyclist group. The route was only 62k but sported a very long but gentle descent towards Lake Louise, known to me as one of the sites of the winter olympics in 2010 ... I found the hostel around noon and was put on a waiting list for three. I made good use of the time and washed all my clothes and had a nice shower - strange how you can get used to camping life ... 20150719-DSCN1619
My first "Elk-Burger" with salad

My first "Elk-Burger" with salad

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  1. Yummy elk food!!!

  2. Good morning and have a nice day! Just read your last e-mail. Looking forward to your next blog entry on Wednesday. All the best.
    Take care!

  3. Hallo Rene

    Radfahren wäre ja noch was für mich, aber Elch essen?

    Wie viel wiegst du noch?

    Viele Grüsse aus der heissen Schweiz


  4. Moin!
    Ja, das interessiert mich auch: Was macht Dein Gewicht? Und : Wieviele Elchburger musst Du essen, um satt zu werden?
    Viel Spaß weiterhin!!

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