Jul 202015
Day 12 - Jasper to Jonas Creek (17.07.2015) I took my time in the morning because I had asked a potential Warmshowers host for accommodation but he didn’t answer so I decided to wait until 9 before I left on the Icefields Parkway. Actually I would have enjoyed a day of rest in Jasper … The ride began cold and wet and I had a surprise at the beginning: Several people had told me that I wouldn’t have to pay a Park Entrance Fee as a cyclist but that turned out to be wrong – 27 $ for the three days it would take me to Lake Louise. Well … I took the less used highway 93A, which was the first road through the NP built in 1927. It did have less traffic indeed but also forced me to climb two long hills – coasting down on the other side was truly enjoyable; just like all the mountains I could zip down in the coming days! My first stop were the Athabasca Falls, a spectacular place (see images) but I wasn’t alone – it’s on the to-do list of every tourist in the region. I envied them the warm car or bus they would return to after their visit whereas I had used up all my dry clothes and was freezing! After a breath-taking rollercoaster ride through a landscape that was gradually becoming more and more magnificent as the mountains I passed got higher and higher I eventually reached my destination for the night: Jonas Creek. A “primitive” CG (only 15,70$ without a campfire), it offered everything a nature-loving wanderer needs: A picnic table on hard ground, a pit toilet without running water, an outside water tap, a metal fireplace, a self-registering post where you can even pay by credit card, just write down your name and credit card number! Anyway, here I met Simon, a fit-looking bearded young man with a flannel shirt who was obviously part of a lively little group of adventure seekers. We briefly exchanged our plans (they were cycling the Icefields to Canmore near Banff with two cars; wives plus dog and Emma, the baby girl acting as support team) and I set up my tent and made my evening meal (quite rudimentary but satisfactory – but I’m glad I’ve finally finished the big bag of thin salamis I had bought back in Vancouver). Walking around the site I met a family of four from Germany and we spent the evening talking …
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  1. Ich freu mich schon auf die Bilder zu diesem Eintrag. Ebenso, dass du die heutige Nacht wenigstens warm und trocken ‚.im ‚Hostel‘ verbracht hast. Gute Weiterfahrt! And enjoy despite of everything.


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