Jul 092015
Day 5 Spences Bridge to Juniper Beach,  75km, 695 m alt. (total 361km) There was a serious problem at that idyllic campground at Spencers Bridge: Wedged in between the northbound train on my left, the roaring river and the southbound railroad on the other side I did not get much sleep. Even with my earplugs I  struggled to fall asleep because there was at least one train (those 2 km long freight trains with three locomotives you might have seen in the movies) running along those rails, giving out those unbelievably loud warning signals in 30 minute intervals. So I overslept and woke with a sense of wasting time because by now I have become very anxious to make good use of the early morning hours and spend the hot hours somewhere in the shade. Instead of on the road before seven, which would have been preferable I didn't get away until 8. I rode the 45 k to Cache in a little over three hours and came in hot and exhausted, again! The best thing was a 3km ride downhill into the town. So right now I'm sitting at a Subway restaurant - not because of the good food but because they have really good complementary WiFi ... The plan is to spend the night at another simple campsite called Steelhead, just before Savona on the way to Kamloops, where I hope to be tomorrow and will hopefully spend my first layover day. I'm ready for a break! Unfortunately my two potential warmshowers hosts called it off.
Gone bridge?

Gone bridge?

Strange sense of humor?

Strange sense of humor?

20150708-DSCN0835 20150708-DSCN0838

35.7 C, and it is only 9:30!!

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A firefighter along Highway 1 ...


Ashcroft Manor, I talked to the owner as she served me a coke and filled my bottles with fresh water. She and her husband bought this oldest still remaing building in the town of Ashcroft in 1996

20150709-DSCN0859 20150709-DSCN0862
The road along the Thompson river is LONG

Reaching Cache Creek and off to a "Subway's"

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  1. Da ist ja deine erste Begegnung mit einem Bär. Wie war das noch? Wie verhälst du dich wenn es ein Braunbär ist? Ich wünsche dir einen netten Ort für deinen ersten Ruhetag.

  2. I can imagine that heat from here. Glad that you’re meeting so many great people en route.
    Cooler temps and clouds are only a few days ahead of you! Ride on.

    • Yes, Jenn, it is hot, but then the cool breeze you create when riding really hard and fast is refreshing,ha, ha, ha…

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