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Map below North Vancouver to Rolley Park: 69 km, 650 m alt. Starting at 7 am in fairly cool 20 degrees the present heat wave in BC gave me a break and a welcome to my ride. Thanks to Sven and his great knowledge of the area, I went across the Ironworkers bridge (Transcanada Highway) and on to the Trans-Canada-Trail which led me out of Vancouver along the inlet and helped me avoid the city roads. On Highway 7 I got my first glimpse of what it is like to ride along such a road – anywhere in Europe riding a bike on that kind of road would lead you directly to a police station and a psychologist trying to find out if you’ve lost your marbles … When I got to the junction of 7 and 7A I was worried at first, but it being Sunday probably saved my life 😉 it was no problem to cross the two lanes onto the right hand shoulder. (see picture) But then the ride was more relaxed than I had feared. Drivers went out of their way to protect me, nobody complained and the shoulder was comfortably wide. Somewhere short of Coquitlam I stopped to watch a minor league baseball match and sat next to an elderly man who had accompanied his grandson from the visiting team and we talked about baseball, my trip and life in general. He had an accent I couldn’t place and he told me he’d moved here from Québec, so he was a French-Canadian. Interesting accent … It steadily grew warmer and after 70 kms and accumulated 650 metres up I eventually reached Rolley Lake Provincial Park, a very comfortable campsite – if you don’t compare it with most German campsites – but I will work out the difference in detail some other time. I was lucky, I got the last “first-come-gets-the site”- site ;), all others had been reserved. After setting up tent, taking a shower and washing a few clothes (dry in an instant!!) I first went down to the lake with its beach and wondered how I could manage to get a swim with protecting my bag at the same time … Well, I didn’t. I turned back and went looking for a waterfall nearby. On my way there I found a little cove with 5 people relaxing and asked them if I could join them. Small groups offer more protection than large masses … I went for a little swim there and when I got out asked the friendly-looking guy if he would take a photo of me in the water (see evidence attached). He, his wife and I believe sister in law were camping as well and on their way back home. Very nice people, again! Rob works as an iron worker in construction and he laughed off my question whether it wasn’t quite dangerous to work on high-rise constructions …

Getting ready at 6:45


Dave, please don't be too angry with me, but your little present didn't make it throughthe day - when I first checked for it it was already in Koala-heaven 🙁

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Crossing Pritt River ...

Crossing Pritt River ...

the bridge, but how get over to the shoulder - luckily it was Sunday

the bridge, but how get over to the shoulder - luckily it was Sunday


Watching some Minor League Baseball - great atmosphere!


My destination for today, Lakeside and all - what more can you wish for?

  20150705-DSCN0630 20150705-DSCN0636
Rob bought me a beer - nice guy!

Rob bought me a beer - nice guy!



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  1. great start to the trip Rene – great to see you got out if the city easily and on to a good campsite. i am still working with emails to secure a flight home but should b soon. good news – the medical part of my insurance claim has been accepted – now lets us see what else can be covered…keep blogging!

    • Will do! I sincerely hope everything will out well for you. See you soon …

  2. Well departed, Rene. Great blogging too! Looking forward to reading of your adventures. Ride on!

    • Hi there,Jenn! Thanks for the flowers -I’ll try to keep it up … All the best to you – send me a link where I can find out about your work, I’m interested!

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