Jul 042015
For images please view the previous post which is in German ... After a very friendly farewell party in Munich my long-awaited tour across the continent was about to begin. The flight itself on an A330 was very relaxing - my most comfortable so far! I got a beautiful view of Iceland and then the Canadian Rockies from abouve - and I felt a knot in stomach growing when I imagined myself riding my tiny little bike through those fear-inducing rugged mountains. But no fear - I told myself! I got into a very pleasant conversation with Anneli from Sweden, a representative of the Swedish Football Association on her way to a FIFA conference in Vancouver parallel to the last two matches of the 2015 Women's Football World Cup. At the airport I had to wait for almost an hour for my bike to arrive - slowly getting nervous, as you can imagine. Then the front wheel didn't have any air but seemed to be ok after pumping. So I loaded the bike and took the SkyTrain towards the skyline of Vancouver. Suddenly I was approached by a lady asking  if I was at the beginning or the end of a cycling tour and it turned out she herself is into cycling and cycle touring and has travelled to Europe. Jenn then pointed out my flat tire (again!) and I decided to change the tube in Watertown Station downtown Vancouver. Jenn was so nice and helpful to keep me company during the process, which definitely helped me keep up my spirits, especially since I had just received some news I will tell you about in my next post. After guiding me into the right direction for my warmshowers hist, Jenn and I said our goodbyes ... My first  impressions of Vancouver were clearly on the upside after such a friendly reception this  city has given me so far. And yet more to come. Jason and Graham, my first hosts, are very friendly and helpful people and I'm really thankful for the opportunity to not only use their couch but to spend time with them. Walking through the city on Friday showed me a truly lovable place in which I could actually imagine living in - unlike so many other cities ... For images please view the previous post which is in German ...  
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