Jul 042015
I'll  be on my own during the greatest part of this trip! In a nutshell that was the message I got as soon as I got off the plane. Dave has had an accident on a borrowed bike, but you will probably read all about this on CrazyGuyOnABike eventually. Dave is such a strong guy, he has accepted the fact that the Icefields Parkway will still be around some other time and that the fun of riding long distance will have to wait. In order to spend some time with him I will postpone my own departure a few days and leave on Monday which means I have to find new accomodation but that will certainly be resolved one way or another. I'm a bit sad since I had really looked forward to sharing adventures with Dave but then everything has its bright side, doesn't it? I'm still looking for it ... 🙂
Dave after his mishap

Dave after his mishap

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  1. Oh Mann was für ein Pech!
    Aber wie du schon geschrieben hast gibt es immer zwei Seiten einer Sache.
    Ich hoffe, dass du die bride side des alleine Reisens noch findest, ich bin übrigens ganz sicher, dass es die gibt. Deine Erfahrungen werden einfach ganz andere sein als mit David zusammen und denk immer dran, ursprünglich hattest du die Reise ja auch für dich alleine geplant, aber sicher ist deine Enttäuschung und dein Frust unglaublich groß. Ich wünsche dir, dass du guten Mutes startest. Und wie du ja schon selber erfahren hast, lernt man offensichtlich ziemlich schnell Leute kennen! Beeindruckend.
    Hast du dich schon entschieden, wie es jetzt weitergeht? Richtung Süden oder doch gleich Richtung Osten?
    Grüße auch von Nils
    bis bald

  2. The latest event must be really disappointing for both of you- Nevertheless enjoy Vanvouver for the short time you stay there. All pictures you published are very familar to me but the City developed strongly in the last 30 years when I first came to Vancouver and also very impressive since I sold our house 1999 with 4500 sqft luxurious living area at White Rock.
    Have a good time anyway.
    Onclle Ludwig

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend and now the fact you will be on your own. Be careful. I guess you are still in Vancouver and leaving tomorrow. Bon Voyage. I sent an earlier comment to you yesterday July 4th but don’t see it on your posts so guess it didn’t go through. Will keep monitoring your progress. Take care,

    • Hi George,thanks for commenting,you should now see it. I need to get to a WiFi to edit the blog (and approve of comments). I’m planning to do it as often as possible,maybe two or three times a week. Say hi to Joan.

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