Jun 102015
Time waits for no one and it seems I'm getting nervous even though everything is going according to plan. There is still a lot to be done in the workplace which takes up a lot of the time I would rather spend thinking about all the things that are still to be done for the Big Trip  - as I have become accustomed to calling the ride across the North American continent. But so much has by now been accomplished: The bike is ready, I've been riding a lot, the equipment is in top shape, most of it brand new, the flight is booked with provision for the bike,  our first accomodation is secured, and I've come halfway through creating the gpx-files for the trip (I'm really wondering if the detailed planning for day to day trips is really worth the effort or whether those plans will just be obsolete once on the road and subject to daily conditions and coincidences - but that is what I feel comfortable with right now), the financial, medical and insurance aspects have all be dealt with and I only have some minor choices left open .... So all seems fine. But some worries keep nagging. For some reason I've developed saddle sore without changing my weekly routine of riding about 220 kilometers per week to work. I hope that will be solved. My fear of accidents has been revived with my little crash a week ago, will the bike hold out, did I choose the right tires, will my Nikon camera which I had to send in for repair be back in time ... etc ... But let us look on the bright side: Three and a half months lie ahead with "no obligations" but having to deal with the daily challenges of physique, route, accomodation and food. This is not a competition and definitely not a race of any kind. All I want  is to enjoy the ride and take all days as they come. When we reach the east coast we will be that much wiser.      
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  1. Na, das klingt ja schon sehr vielversprechend, quasi alles fertig! Immer locker bleiben, es kommt sowieso anders als man denkt. Alles kann man nicht planen. Aber genau das ist ja das spannende!! Ich beneide dich so um die Erfahrung, die du machen darfst. Und dieses Unbelastete, das du erwähnst! Was für ein Lebensgefühl!! Herrlich! Noch 22 Tage….

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