Jun 052015
What a coincidence! This morning I rode to the city to take part in a seminar on first aid and emergency measures in case of accidents. No joke! It was a coincidence that I just had an opportunity to get in a little practice in that field (cf last post). It turned out to be a warm day, the first really warm day this year. Since January, we've only had about 5 non-consecutive days of around 20 degrees and this was the first day over 30! I took the opportunity on my return trip to take the long way round, about 50 k. This being the first warm day, I stopped for the first time in many months to  buy a bottle of water! And what a difference is to be riding in hot weather, all sweaty and exhausted, my head like a tomato ... It was a taste of the summer ride in Canada and the USA - as opposed to riding in cold weather all year long, worrying about rain, hail and snow. I hope the weather will stay warm!  
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